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US supporting terrorist groups in Yemen: Observers

The US Agency for International Development says the Yemeni province of Ma’arib needs more donors to provide additional humanitarian funding to address its growing crisis. Yemenis believe that the agency is using humanitarian assistance as a cover-up for its military activities such as providing weapons for terrorist groups in Ma’arib.

The US State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs said the US envoy to Yemen has met with the director of USAID to discuss the need for more donors to provide additional humanitarian funding to address the growing crisis in Ma’arib.

Experts believe that this step is an attempt by the US to provide new weapons to its tools in Ma’arib including terrorist groups who protect its agenda in the oil-rich province.

Observers said the USAID plays a suspicious role wherever it exists, adding that it uses the humanitarian and relief work as a cover-up for its military and intelligence activities.

Last year, the Yemeni army found large quantities of weapons carrying the logo of USAID in Al-Bayda and Marib front-lines after recapturing areas that were controlled by Daesh and al-Qaida.

Yemenis believe that the US is directly involved in the deadly war against their country. They say it is their right to liberate their lands from any foreign existence as well as terrorist groups who serve the interests of the US in Yemen.

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