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US uses NATO for creating New World Order: Analyst


A political commentator says that the United States is using the NATO military power for creating a global New World Order.

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is being used for the purposes of the United States and for the purposes of people involved in creating a global New World Order, where NATO is being employed in all kinds of situations around the world,” Mark Dankof, former US Senate candidate, said in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

“The president of the United States is moving the American people closer to a war that is not in their interests and a war ultimately that is in the interests of no decent people and humanity anywhere,” he added.

He made the comments when asked about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in Ukraine and Iraq.

Dankof said Washington uses NATO military power as a “911 force” for US and Europe and that must be “disbanded” since it no longer serves the purposes it was created for; protecting the US and European allies against the Soviet Union, which does not even exist anymore.

“NATO has become a ‘911 force’ for any time people want to intervene in the US and in Europe in all kinds of situations that have nothing to do with the original purpose that NATO was created,” Dankof said.

“NATO should have no legitimate statutory reason to even exist at this point,” he said.

The analyst also noted that Washington is creating a pretext “for the very intervention in Iraq and in Syria.”

“The congress of the United States is not asking any questions about this ISIS organization, and what are provably the clear links between this organization’s creation and the covert activities of the United States in Saudi Arabia and Israel in that part of the world which arguably have resulted in a situation where the president and the neo-conservative and pro-Zionist forces behind what the president is doing are creating the pretext for the very intervention in Iraq and in Syria, the both Saudi Arabians and Israelis want,” he explained.

President Barack Obama formally notified Congress on Monday of the beginning of airstrikes against the Iraqi town of Amerli, as required under the War Powers Act.

Administration officials said the attack was “consistent with the military missions we have outlined to date in Iraq.”

Under the War Powers Act, the president is allowed only to launch such unapproved operations in the case of “a national emergency,” which would be a difficult case to make in Iraq, and also he can only continue the war for 60 days without a Congressional authorization for the use of military force.

“The president has to certify that there is a national emergency involved for him to involve American military activities in a situation, and of course, in the question of Iraq we have to ask whether a national emergency, a true threat to the national security of the United States of the type envisioned by the War Powers Act actually is the case here,” said Dankof. “That’s a very dubious assertion.”

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