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US withdrawal from Iraq is the greatest achievement

Beirut – Taqrib News Agency (TNA) – Sheikh Yazbek praised in this regard the Iraqi will and proud nation, which planned to liberate their land.

“If the US knew that the end of its occupation will be this humiliating, it wouldn’t have come to Iraq to settle, build military bases and exploit its resources, and this reminds us of what happened to the “Israeli” occupation in Lebanon”, Head of Hizbullah Juristic Council noted during a Ceremony in Hermel – 160 Km from Beirut.

Moreover, Sheikh Yazbek harshly slammed certain media outlets that practice media blackout concerning the US defeat in Iraq, at the time when these very channels resort to media mobilization on other issues.

Sheikh Yazbek warned from the US conspiracy that aims at dividing Iraq into districts, and spreading its scheme in Syria and Lebanon, so that “we would become weak entities that lack ability to regain their rights and therefore become dependent on the occupation”.

Special Supreme Leader Imam Khamenai representative in Lebanon, further criticized some Arab leaders who earn their death in order to implement the orders of their masters.

He affirmed that the said leaders don’t seek reforms in Syria, for it’s not allowed to have a resistance regime in the region. He added that “we feel pain over the bloodshed in Syria, while no one but the zionist enemy will benefit”, with reference to the internal division sought by the enemy.

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