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Venezuela launches international campaign against US sanctions

The government of Venezuela has announced an international campaign denouncing US "crimes against humanity."

Following instructions by the country’s President Nicolas Maduro, senior officials stressed that this is a campaign focused on raising awareness worldwide about the illegal sanctions and hostile policies of the US against Venezuela.

In this context, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez highlighted that the sanctions have been negatively affecting the living conditions of all the Venezuelans. Official sources claim that many Venezuelans have died as a result of the US’s punishing measures that impede Venezuela’s imports of food and medicines.

In line with Maduro’s administration stance, members of the nation’s constituent assembly also condemn the US aggressive policy.

From the opposition side, lawmakers have a totally different opinion, but on the streets, ordinary citizens slam those Venezuelans who back the controversial US actions.

Experts say the US policies do not have any legal basis.

Many Venezuelans hope the US blockade will be ended as soon as possible to improve the country’s economy.

“Crimes against humanity” is a campaign launched by the Venezuelan government to get all countries on board in denouncing US brutality against sovereign nations. It is also a call for all nations to get united and stand up against Washington’s illegal sanctions.”

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