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VICTORY: Hezbollah Breaks Satanic US Blockade: Fuel Tankers Carrying Iranian Fuel Enter Lebanon

Convoys carrying Iranian fuel entered the Lebanese territories on Thursday and arrived in Baalbeck, breaking the US blockade on the country.

Al-Manar correspondent reported that all four convoys carrying fuel oil have entered the Lebanese territories.

Our reporter said that convoys were heading for Baalbeck to unload their cargo there.

On their way from the Lebanese-Syrian border, spontaneous gatherings took place, with citizens welcoming the trucks and chanting in support of the Resistance and Hezbollah.

Every convoy includes 20 tankers, with every tanker carrying 50,000 liters of fuel oil, according to our correspondent.

There have been estimations that the Iranian fuel which has been delivered from Baniyas to Lebanon amounts to at least 3 million liters.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced on Monday that Hezbollah will be distributing the fuel oil on governmental hospitals and other vital facilities for free.

He noted that the fuel oil will also be distributed for low cost on other institutions across the country.

His eminence said a second Iranian ship with fuel oil would arrive in Baniyas in a few days, with a third and fourth, respectively carrying gasoline and fuel oil, also due.

Daily life has been almost paralyzed in Lebanon as fuel dries up because the country lacks the dollars to pay for it.

The state-owned power company is generating only minimal electricity, leaving businesses and households almost entirely dependent on small, private generators that run on fuel oil.

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