Video- Iraqi citizens file complaint against US for humanitarian crimes

Iraqi lawyer’s syndicate has announced that more than 3000 Iraqi citizens have lodged an official complaint against the US government and its troops for the humanitarian crimes and the destruction of the Iraqi private properties.

It comes as Washington is preparing to withdraw its remaining 47,000 troops from Iraq by the end of this year.

The head of the syndicate said the Iraqis have the right to call for the prosecution of those in the US troops who have committed crimes against the civilians during their missions.

He also said Iraqis are only asking for their legitimate demands.

Meanwhile, members of the State of Law coalition headed by the Iraqi Prime Minister, said the cases against the US government are in process in the Iraqi courts and people are receiving legal assistant to proceed with their complaints.

He added that the Iraqi parliament is now studying the cases and is about to introduce a legislation to send the complaints to the international courts.

US forces have left behind a trial of death and destruction and according to Iraq body count the civilian deaths have exceeded 15,000 since the US- led invasion began in 2003.

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