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Video- LA student protesters clash with police

Violence interrupted a meeting where the leaders of were voting to approve another round of tuition increases.

Nearly 2-hundred protesters surrounded the building in an attempt to get their voices heard. As the protesters tried the enter they were met with opposition by police.

David Castillo was one of the several protesters pepper-sprayed by police. Castillo says officers had no cause to use force.

The situation escalated after the Board of Trustees refused to allow students to speak during a public comment period. The trustees said the students had not followed the rules of requesting to speak.

Police and protesters began pulling a large glass door in opposite directions, causing the door to shatter. The protesters quickly dispersed while police in riot gear secured the building. The trustees then voted to increase the tuition by 9 percent

The majority of protesters were students from San Diego and Long Beach. They say the violent encounter with police serves to further justify their cause.

Protesters had originally hoped to convince the board to get more money through taxing the wealthiest 1 percent in the state. The trustees say tuition will go up next fall unless state lawmakers boost funding for universities.

Protesters say this encounter is only going to embolden their cause and they will continue to push to reform higher education in California.

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