Video-Laser Congress in Tehran

Laser specialists from across Iran have gathered in Tehran to exchange views and discuss laser achievements in the country. One of the topics discussed at the congress was the use of laser in other sciences like nanotechnology, and nano-particles to diagnose cancer tumors.

In the past couple of years, Iran has been one of the world’s leading countries in presenting scientific articles on laser.
The name Ali Javan rings a bell in the minds of those involved in the science of laser. The Iranian physicist was the inventor of the world’s first gas laser in the early 1960s.
Today laser is widely produced and applied in different universities and research centers in different fields including medicine, high-tech industries and defense field, and has rushed to the help of humans in many fields.
The device, which is a nuclear fusion reactor, is used for enrichment of uranium for civilian purposes. It uses Inertial Electrostatic Confinement method and can produce isotopes and radioisotopes used in diagnosing and curing cancer.
The US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and France are the only countries which boast fusion technology, and Iran is the sixth country, which has mastered such know-how in the world.

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