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Video- Muslim countries established a press union

Representatives from 38 countries gathered in Tehran to establish the much-awaited press union of the Islamic world. The union is believed to be one of the best ways to bring closer the news policies of Muslim countries against the mainstream media outlets of the west.
“The Islamic Awakening in the Middle East is a very important issue for us and the role of the media in these events has been an undeniable one. The main responsibility of the Press union of the Islamic world is to show a different side of the story, which has for long been told by the western media”.
The formation of an Islamic press union came under special spotlight, when the Islamic world woke up to the point that the voiceless also need to be heard and the untold should be revealed.
The Press union was established as Tehran is hosting the 18th international Press and news agencies fair which has already brought together 600 press representatives from Iran plus 100 others from almost 50 world countries.

Analysts say the establishment of the press union of the Islamic world is a big step towards forming a bigger united front against the domineering powers of the West.

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