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video- Number of protests are growing in the United States

The number of protests are growing in the United States and the Obama administration is being hip to weigh in on political capital. Press TV’s Colin Campbell reports from DC’s downtown.

If President Obama wants to put fire under Republican lawmakers to pass his jobs bill sooner rather than later, he could use the energy from nationwide protests as fuel.

A spokesman from the Democratic National Committee says members of the left-leaning organization plan a coordinated attack on right-wing conservatives. They hope to tie-in Republicans, especially those up for reelection, to Wall Street and corporations.

Mass demonstrations were held outside of the Ronald Reagan building against energy companies that demonstrators say will harm the environment with a large oil pipeline is installed that could threaten local wildlife.

The Obama administration will also use young voter enthusiasm to make their claim that they should lead the country another four years from 2012.

This is an influential week for Washingtonians and the
nation. As protests continue democratic strategists determine how they could use the anger against corporate profiteerism to their advantage. Republicans have already expressed fear from the numerous demonstrations that don’t show signs of back down for now.

White House officials say that the public has a right to be upset about big money going to corporations which profit from war and other financial exploitations of the public.

It’s clear that frustration is going beyond simmering in Washington and around the country. Voters want solutions. But if tempers boil over, the Obama administration could very well take the heat in the next election instead of Republicans.

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