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Video- Photo-Turkish People reaction growing to the Policy of Govern.

The reaction of Turkish People against the Government policy is getting bigger day by day. As a result of the aggressive policy of Turkish Government against Syrian People yesterday (on May 2) a policeman martyred and tens were wounded in the clash.
People of the Akçakale Region were so angry with the case and gathered in big crowd to walk to Syrian Refugee Camp the Suleyman Shah Accommodation Area in which 35 000 refugees in and 4 km to the center.
After a long struggle of the Crowd with the Police, the Police asked the crowd to disperse and the Angry People leaved area with no events. After the situation the police took high security with armored vehicles around the Suleyman Shah refugees camp.
After the event, from an unknown number a message was on the all people of Akcakale:”Oh! prudent people of Akcakale be careful not to be deceived, Lets not to listen the provocations so the Martyr rests in peace.”


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