Video- Syrian Mufti gave a speech at funeral of Mehran Martyr Mohammad Al- Bouti

So- called Ahlul Sunnah Mujaheeds pleased Slaughterer israel, Great Satan US and Munafeqeen Governments in the regions NOT ALLAH and Muslims. Those brutals are just the servants of zionism using the name of Ahlul Sunnah under the Islamic cloth…

From the beginning of Syrian crisis the whole media especially islamic-faced treacherous media spreding lieas that Assad is bombing Mosques and kiling Muslims BUT today what kind o lies will they spread to the World or this brutal act by the gangs they support. What will these so- called Mujaheeds say to the the Muslims? Mohammad Ramazan Al- Bouti supported Al- Assad throughout his life thats why he was cowardly targeted and martyred while preaching Hadith, Tafseer to muslims in Mehrab. May He rest in Peace.


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