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VP says ‘scientists without border’ should help poor nations

Iran’s Vice-President in Scientific and Technology Affairs said a body of scientists without border should be established to help poor countries.Dr. Nasrin Soltankhah in a meeting here on Tuesday presented Iran’s proposal concerning establishment of a body of scientists without border, including scientists who work under supervision of the United Nations and present their know-how and information to poor countries.
In a press conference here in the venue of Iran’s embassy building, the VP also talked about establishment of Science and Technology Cooperation Association with Austria and other European countries and added that Iran is ready to found such association with a team of European and Iranian scientists who can take basic steps toward progress of science and technology.
She underlined that Iran is willing to transfer its know-how to poor people of the world to develop peace and prosperity.
Soltankhah also expressed Tehran’s readiness to open a new chapter of cooperation between Iran and other countries in the fields of science and technology as well as developing public diplomacy.
Answering a question how Iran could continue its scientific achievements under the sanctions, she replied that sanctions are not something new for Iran and they have continued for years.
She concluded that Iran has learned how to stand on its feet and ignore the sanctions which have no negative effects on its scientific and technology progress.

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