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‘Wahabis commit Terry Jones style acts’


Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, professor at the Lebanese University from the capital city of Beirut to share his thoughts on the issue of the desecration of holly sites in Syria by the Wahabi terrorists.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mohsen Saleh we are looking at the desecration of a shrine here and of there is anything that incites sectarianism, these acts by these Western-backed insurgents, obviously are a testament to that.

What kind of purpose do they have behind this act?

Saleh: Well, this shows that these people do not respect neither the Muslim sacred places nor the innocent people, who have been killed in cold blood by these terrorist groups.

And I think that who are talking about sectarianism and are talking about Sunni and Shia…, well, Ibn Adi was one of the great companions of the Prophet [Mohammad] peace be upon him, and he was well known of his piousness and his well understanding of the message of Islam and he worked tightly with the companions and especially with Imam Ali, may peace be upon him and his family and that shows that these gangs…, I guess we cannot say about them that these are Sunni or al-Qaeda or al-Nusrah or whoever may talk about Sunnis, I think that they do not belong to any of the human beings in this world. They belong to the murderers, who are killing people and are trying to ruin all the sacred places and if they can ruin and put under rubble the Ka’ba there would not be a shortage from that.

Press TV: Well, based on what you said there, then this supports the fact, I would think Mohsen Saleh, that obviously there are many of these fighters that are being financially backed, that are being supported coming from other countries, those countries within Africa for example; all the way from Tunisia and downwards.

So, is this a mixed bag, so to speak, of fighters that are fighting the Syrian government forces there in Syria?

Saleh:I think that these people are financed and armed by the Wahabis who believe that all other Muslims are unbelievers and they do not think that other than the Wahabis, this group is a Muslim, whether the Shia or the Sunni or the Maliki or the Shafi’i and also they have been ordered by the American’s and the Europeans, who really disregard any kind of sacred places of the Muslims, they are like Terry Jones exactly, who burnt the Qur’an, wanted to put the Qur’an into trial and that shows the real face and the genuine face of these people that they do not belong to Islam and when they talk about despotism and dictatorship in Syria, they really mean to serve the Zionist and the American agenda in the region.

And their slogans and their practices on the ground show the real face of these people that they do not belong to these people in the region, whether in Syria or in Iraq or in other places.

I guess that these people belong to the tribal thinking, who have been really working with the Wahabis and the CIA and the Israeli Mossad and they do not belong to this culture.

The values of Muslims prohibit them from doing such acts, what they have been doing today and before today and yesterday and all the really shameless works they are doing in Syria and in Iraq.

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