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Watch: Satanic US military withdraws from K-1 Airbase in Iraq

The US-led coalition handed over a ‘K1’ military base to the Iraqi forces in Kirkuk, Sunday.

Footage shows coalition’s and Iraqi military officials attending the ceremony and signing papers sealing the transfer.

US Colonel Miles Cakins said that the transfer was being planned for months with other withdrawals yet to come.

Saad Harbiyeh, Staff General and Commander of Kirkuk Operations added: “the Iraqi forces are ready without any advice to carry out their duties, whether southwest of Kirkuk or in the city of Kirkuk and anywhere else for their professionalism and high training.”

The Kirkuk base becomes the third one, after al-Qaim and Qayyarah, handed over to the Iraqi Security Forces by the US-led coalition in the last two weeks.

The al-Qaim withdrawal, which was the first one, came after several rocket attacks in Iraq targeted the bases with the US-led coalition personnel, killing several people, with the US blaming Iranian-backed forces for the attacks.

Source: AMN

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