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“We Will Never Bargain over Yemenis’ Humanitarian Rights”

Head of Yemeni National Delegation and Spokesman of Ansarullah revolutionary group Mohammad Abdul Salam hit back at the so-called Saudi ‘initiative’ by stressing that the humanitarian rights of the Yemeni people won’t be bargained over.

In remarks quoted by Yemeni Al-Massirah TV channel on Wednesday, Abdul Salam said the “delivery of food, fuel and medical supplies is a humanitarian right.”

“We don’t accept to bargain over the legitimate and humanitarian rights of the Yemeni people,” the Beirut-based TV network quoted the Yemeni official as saying on Tuesday.

On Monday, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud proposed a so-called “comprehensive peace initiative” to end the conflict in Yemen. The plan included reopening Sana’a airport and enabling fuel and food imports via Hodeidah port, both of which are controlled by the Ansarullah movement.

In remarks to Al-Manar also on Tuesday, Abdul Salam stressed that the Saudi plan is not serious.

“It’s illogical. It can’t be considered an initiative, but rather it’s a call that is free of concessions.”

He stressed that the plan didn’t mention the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen and the oppressive blockade.

“They want a unilateral cessation of hostilities or cessation of hostilities for only a period of time. We can’t accept this oppression.”

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