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“Why no country should implement the 2030 Agenda”

We should think why global taghuts and pharaohs insist so much on infiltrating into other countries’ educational systems. We should deliberate on this matter a little bit. They sometimes do this by kicking up a fuss through education agendas such as 2030 which caused a commotion throughout the world. This means the infiltration of western culture, lifestyle and goals into all countries in the world. Why? For what reason? Why should a country – like our country with its deep-rooted, divine and religious culture and with its brilliant Iranian culture – be influenced by the educational system of those whose civilization and culture is a new false and materialistic thing which has proved to be a failure?

Today, western social philosophy has failed in the west itself. Notice what is happening there. On that day, I spoke about what is happening in the US. In the US, there is corruption from Hollywood to Pentagon – the distance between the two. There is corruption in the former, in the latter and in the distance between the two. Why should the culture of a country such as that of an Islamic country like Iran or other Islamic countries or other countries in the world be influenced by a document which has been prepared by individuals in such civilizations and countries and in such corrupt and false societies? Therefore, pay attention that their infiltration and their insistence on infiltration is because of the influence of educational systems. It is because they can attain their goals this way while they cannot achieve them through military ways. Sometimes, they try to infiltrate with public weapons such as 2030 Education Agenda. Unfortunately, in our country, this document received some attention.

In the present time, I have heard that some parts of this document are being implemented here and there by some corrupt or ignorant elements. I strongly request that Mr. Minister follow up this matter. This is like what the enemies did when they infiltrated the educational systems of some regional countries. They are changing schoolbooks, teachers’ circumstances and educational methods in a quiet manner and without causing a stir. We are aware of this. They select some individuals and they take them to their countries to train them for a while and then bring them back. They want to infiltrate our educational system. In my opinion, this is very important. It is necessary that everyone become sensitive about the enemy’s infiltration. Everyone should be sensitive and vigilant. He insists on infiltrating and you should know why he does so. With such infiltration, he wishes to attain his evil goals and he wants to build individuals who think like him. So, the enemy, who wishes to plunder other countries, will easily and comfortably carry out his act of plunder when there are some individuals inside the country who agree with this act and who think like he does. In any case, we should pay attention to this matter. [Sep 1, 2020]


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