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Yemenis in Sana’a announce general mobilization to counter Saudi-led war, blame US for crimes

Yemenis have gathered in the capital Sana’a, to announce a general mobilization aimed at countering the devastating war and all-out economic siege led by Saudi Arabia against their country.

According to the al-Maalomah news agency, the residents of the Jahanah area in Sana’a province announced a general mobilization during a tribal gathering on Saturday.

They condemned the heinous crimes and the continued escalation by the countries involved in the Saudi-led military campaign against Yemen.

These crimes will not go unpunished, they vowed, saying that America is the first enemy of the Yemeni people.

The attendees said the US is fully responsible for the aggression against Yemen, ensuing war crimes, and the suffocating siege against the Yemeni citizens.

They stressed that they will continue to mobilize and provide all the necessary funds, equipment, and forces until victory is achieved against the war coalition and all Yemeni territories are purged of the occupiers.

In their statement, the Yemenis lauded Yemen Storm 1 and 2 operations, which targeted the depths of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over their increased crimes against the Yemeni people, and called for more counter-strikes against the aggressor.

In recent weeks, the Yemeni government in Sana’a, run by the popular Ansarullah resistance movement, has conducted several rounds of drone and missile counter-strikes against the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as the two countries ramped up their aggression against the impoverished country.

On January 17, the Yemeni armed forces launched drone attacks targeting an oil facility in Abu Dhabi, warning the UAE of severe repercussions should it maintain its acts of sabotage in Yemen.

A week later, the Yemeni forces launched massive missile and drone strikes against sensitive targets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as Saudi Arabia’s Najran, Jizan, and Asir regions.

Meanwhile, tribes and residents of the Bani Hushaysh district in Sana’a province condemned the international community’s silence on the Saudi coalition’s blatant crimes against the Yemeni people.

In a gathering, they also stressed that the crimes are in violation of international law and international humanitarian law.

Yemen’s ‘eloquent message’ well-received in UAE

Commenting on the latest developments, Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of London-based Rai al-Youm newspaper, said that the UAE, by giving orders to its trained Giants Brigades to stop their military operations against the Ansarullah movement, showed that it had received the movement’s “eloquent message” through its missiles and warplanes loud and clear.

The missiles and drones that “bombed the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai last Monday, and the ones before them, showed to them that involvement in the Ma’rib war, and any other war, will be very costly for them at all levels,” Atwan wrote in his latest editorial on Friday.

“It has been proven with conclusive evidence that when the Houthis (Ansarullah movement) threaten to respond, they do implement their threats,” he said, noting that the UAE had not realized the Ansarullah movement’s readiness to respond to any escalation.

He noted that the UAE is a small country that cannot bear the consequences of missile and drone attacks by Ansarullah forces, who have penetrated deep into the Persian Gulf country.

The comments come against the background of repeated warnings from Yemen against the UAE over increasing its role in the war on Yemen.

The Yemeni army has urged foreign companies to leave the UAE and warned that the Dubai Expo might be targeted next if the Emiratis continue their aggression against Yemen.

Atwan pointed out that the backbone of the UAE’s economy is oil, foreign investments, and tourism and it is based primarily on security and stability, adding that the Ansarullah forces “did not hide their awareness of this fact” and used it at the service of their offensive plan. 

He added that if the UAE-backed forces continue their aggression against Yemeni forces, the Ansarullah movement will implement its threats on the Dubai Expo and the air traffic at UAE airports, as “they proved that they have the ability to do so.”

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