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Zarif Says Iran Seeking Compensation from US over Violating Nuclear Deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that one of the main topics to be discussed in the next quarterly meeting of the nuclear deal joint commission will be the compensation that Tehran should receive even if the new US administration rejoins the 2015 nuclear deal and resumes honoring its commitments.

In an interview with Tasnim news agency, Zarif highlighted the country’s push to seek compensation for the US’ withdrawal from the deal.

“What I must emphasize is that no negotiations will be held on the implementation of the US’ commitments,” the top Iranian diplomat said when asked about remarks by Iranian officials who have urged US President Joe Biden to return the situation to the pre-Trump era – while the deal had been repeatedly violated even during Obama’s term

He said the US will be allowed to participate in the JCPOA Joint Commission meetings only after honoring its commitments, referring to the official name of the accord (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.)

“The Joint Commission holds meetings every three months at the level of deputy ministers. Talks are held in the meeting, and one of the topics that will definitely be discussed is the issue of compensation. One of the subjects for talks will certainly be on how to carry out (the deal),” Zarif added.

The Iranian FM said Iran had sent several letters to the JCPOA Joint Commission during Obama’s tenure about Washington’s failure to honor the nuclear deal, noting that Tehran will proceed with such a method.

“However, we should not forget that the US has never been known as a law-abiding state in the world, not during Trump’s term alone,” Zarif added, saying the US policies have disgraced it in the world.

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