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Zionist- controlled media spread violence across US

zionist-mediaAn analyst says for generations Americans have been deliberately fed, through Zionist media, violence as a virtue to diminish resistance against war for Israel.

In the background of this we have over the past month seen renewed debate about guns in America and gun control laws after 20 small children were shot dead at an elementary school in Connecticut by one mentally unstable individual. Psychological drugs may also have been involved. The intensity of debate over guns, however, has virtually sidelined the issue of devastating side effects from pharmaceutical drugs pushed for profit throughout the US. And of course America’s violent culture has not been raised as an issue to be addressed.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Mark Glenn, Crescent & Cross Solidarity Movement, Idaho about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: With the rise in gun violence in the US in shooting incidence it still seems there’s a rise in the purchase of guns, too.

Should people be defending themselves or is it the police who should be doing something about it?

Glenn: Well, the police cannot be everywhere at all times to protect people.

The problem here is human nature and particularly in the United States you’re dealing with a society that has been deliberately – deliberately – bred to embrace violence and to see violence as something of a religion.

My personal theory is that this has been done over the course of not just years or decades, but generations as a result of the Zionist control of our media in order to create a nation of people who would be willing to go to war against a billion and a half Muslims for a century if need be. And so this is the problem.

It’s not just the access to deadly weapons, after all, this is the same argument that Israel uses in order to demonize Iran. They say that if Iran has a nuclear weapons program then that means Iran is going to come and wipe Israel off the map and this is just simply not the case.

It comes from embracing violence; seeing violence as something of a virtue and if you take the guns out of the equation they will use some other method for inflicting violence whether it’s knives or baseball bats or even cars.

So the problem here is that we have a society that has lost its moral compass; deliberately so, we’ve been psychologically conditioned in order to be a very violent and militaristic society and I think the persons responsible for doing this conditioning did this with the sole purpose of bringing about this clash of civilizations so that Americans will not have a problem with going and murdering millions and millions of people in the Middle East.

Press TV: How much of a change can we expect to see in America’s gun laws and gun culture?

Glenn: I don’t think there is going to be much change at all. There will be some feel-good sound-good legislation that’s passed; but principally things will remain the same here.

There are just as many guns in America as there are cars. And Americans understand that they live in a violent society and they’re not going to be wiling to give up that one means of self protection that they have any time soon.

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