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Zionist Occupation Soldiers in Shebaa Farms Didn’t Dare to Fight Fire Caused by Overnight Flares for Fear of Hezbollah

Al-Manar correspondent, Ali Shoaib, reported that the Zionist occupation forces in Shebaa Farms fired Saturday at 4 a.m. around 36 flare bombs, incinerating swathes of Lebanese occupied and liberated territories.

Shoaib added that the Israeli troops did not dare to fight the fire for fear of Hezbollah, which let the fire devour additional green areas.

UNIFIL soldiers survived a 155-mm Israeli flare which hit their site in Bustra farm, according to Al-Manar correspondent who added that fear is still paralyzing the Zionist military movement on Lebanon’s border in wait for Hezbollah response to the Israeli recent attacks.

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