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Zionist Regime Soldiers Kidnap 45 Palestinians In Jerusalem


Terrorist Regime Israeli soldier invaded, on Wednesday at dawn the Suwwana neighborhood, and the at-Tour town, in occupied Jerusalem, stormed and ransacked dozens of homes and kidnapped 45 Palestinians, including several children, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan said.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the soldiers moved most of the kidnapped Palestinians to the Police station in Salaheddin Street, in Jerusalem.

Mahmoud added that the police decided to release most of the kidnapped after interrogation, while at least five of them will be sent to the District Court, for charges related to “throwing stones at army vehicles.”

The lawyer added that the police intends to transfer Mohammad Abu Ghannam, Abdullah Abu Ghannam, Kifah Abu al-Hawa, Amir Rabah al-Hadra and Daoud Mousa Abu al-Hawa, to the District Court in the few coming hours.

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