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Zionist Saudi Air Force unleashes massive attack on Yemeni capital after US calls for 30 day ceasefire

The Saudi Air Force unleashed a massive attack across the Sana’a Governorate over the last 24 hours, Yemeni activists reported from the Yemeni capital.

According to the reports from Sana’a, the Saudi Air Force heavily bombarded the capital city and its surroundings, hitting a number of sites that allegedly have a Houthi (var. Ansarallah Movement) presence.

In addition to striking civilian neighborhoods, the Saudi Air Force reportedly attacked the area around the Sana’a Airport.

The total number of casualties as a result of this attack is still unknown.

This latest attack by the Saudi Air Force comes just a day after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on all warring parties to adhere to a 30 day ceasefire across the country.

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