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ZIONIST SOLDIERS IN RANGE: See How Zionist Army Became Ridiculous on Lebanon’s Border

Since the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hezbollah of storing and developing missiles in residential areas and at civil facilities, Lebanon and the whole world expected a military escalation on the Lebanese-Palestinian border caused by any Israeli mad move.

The expectations were substantiated by the Zionist claims about alleged Hezbollah tunnels on the southern border in order to move the world countries against the Resistance and justify any aggression on Lebanon.

However, the balance of deterrence imposed by Hezbollah military power prevented the expectations from coming true, and ironically the Israeli soldiers deployed on the border with Lebanon have become a joke as the Lebanese public enjoyed making fun of them.

The story started when the Zionist occupation army units advanced into the border area off Mays Al-Jabal town (Southern Lebanon) in order to put demarcation marks on the Blue Line before the Lebanese army rejected that and forced the enemy troops to retreat.

Zionist soldier removing the JioPhone after Lebanese army move

Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib reported that a Zionist tank advanced into the border and directed its cannon into the Lebanese town before the Lebanese army directed its cannons towards the Israeli tank, forcing it to back off.

Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib
Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib

Meanwhile, the Zionist occupation military announced that two machine guns were missed in the border area, which made the so-called “invincible army” so clumsy that it cannot even hold its guns. (Some social media users said that Hezbollah fighters seized the two guns in order to make fun of the enemy fragility.

Lebanese civilians inspecting border area despite Zionist military alert

Hezbollah war media department launched an intensified campaign to show the weakness and fragility of the Israeli army, shooting the enemy soldiers from rear positions, which shows that the Resistance soldiers can infiltrate into their positions and capture them.

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Hezbollah phantom is always haunting the Israelis, imposing on them certain formulas which they would have never followed.


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