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zionist strike on Iran would spell doom for US Empire: Analyst


If Israel launches a military attack on Iran, it will end the US Empire which might be more accurately termed as the New World Order bankster empire, a political analyst says.

“If Netanyahu attacks Iran and succeeds in dragging the US and Russia into the war, this week could witness not just the end of the US Empire, but the beginning of the end of civilization,” Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Press TV website.

He added that while irrational attachment to Israel has lured the Empire into a series of disastrous attacks on Muslim-majority states, US President Barack Obama has thus far resisted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s orders to attack Iran.

“The US is still doing the bidding of the Zionist bankster oligarchs who are the real power behind the Western throne. And those oligarchs – or at least the hawkish among them – are still pushing for world war,” the analyst said.
He said the oligarch hawks and the Israeli premier as their front man, frustrated by US resistance to attacking Iran, are trying to start World War III in less direct fashion.

“Now, with the great powers on hair-trigger alert, Netanyahu, who has spent $3 billion preparing a go-it-alone plan to attack Iran, can light the fuse of World War III any time he chooses,” Barrett explained.
He pointed to the Malaysian Flight 370 incident and suggested it might have been an attempt to inflame Western public opinion against Iran.

Following the disappearance of the Malaysian plane, many American and Zionist propaganda outlets focused suspicion on a fabricated story about two Iranian men who supposedly boarded Flight 370 on stolen passports, he added.

The commentator pointed to the apparent photoshopping of the two Iranians boarding Malaysian Flight 370 and asked, “Was this yet another attempt to incite wars against Israel’s enemies?”

“Even if the Empire’s lunatic fringe [the Israel-centric neoconservatives] is stymied this week, they will have many future opportunities to wreak havoc – unless relatively rational Western leaders, assuming that any exist, decide to expose the neocons’ gravest misdeeds and put an end to their reckless warmongering,” Barrett concluded.

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