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CIA militaristic tool of Wall Street capitalism: US activist


The CIA is the military arm of the Wall Street cartels which dictate US capitalistic policies throughout the world, an American political activist tells Press TV.

“That’s what the CIA is all about. It is an armed wing of the capitalist government of the United States, which serves the Wall Street. That’s what, it is plain and simple,” said Caleb Maupin in a Saturday interview.

“All over the world wherever people are demanding justice and fighting for things people want like peace, jobs, democracy and equality, the CIA goes in to defend the interests of Wall Street, to assassinate, to murder and to commit chaos and crimes,” he pointed out.

Maupin was making the remarks in the wake of the US Senate confirmation of John Brennan, the top White House adviser on the so-called war on terror and purported architect of Washington’s drone operations, as the next director of the CIA on Thursday.

Washington uses assassination drones in several countries, claiming that they target “terrorists.” According to witnesses, however, the attacks have mostly led to massive civilian casualties.

The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism says between 2,627 and 3,457 people have been killed by US drones in Pakistan since 2004, including between 475 and nearly 900 civilians.

“There is nothing particularly new about John Brennan’s policies and his love of assassinating people. The CIA is a terrorist organization that functions to serve the Wall Street monopolists,” Maupin said.

He pointed to CIA’s international crimes sponsored by the Wall Street as a reason behind the emergence of anti-capitalism Occupy movements in the US and in the world’s major cities since September 2011.

The American activist underscored the “need to stand with the people of the world against the Wall Street and bankers and fight for peace, jobs, democracy, equality and all the things that the CIA attempts to rob from people around the world.”

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