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CNN declared winner of ‘Fake News Awards’ of 2017


American news channel CNN is the uncontested winner of the much-anticipated “Fake News Awards” put together by US President Donald Trump, topping the list of US news outlets with 4 out of the 11 “fake news” stories cited.

The Republican president, who has put a lot of efforts into defaming the mainstream media since making his way into the White House, announced the awards in a tweet on Wednesday night.

“2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news,” read the article’s opening line.

Published on the Republican National Committee (RNC)’s website, the 11-entry list included sarcastic awards for such outlets as CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post and Newsweek.

CNN topped the list by winning four awards for “falsely” reporting on a range of issues, including the Russian investigation, Trump’s “overfeeding” of fishes during his trip to Japan.

Trump attributes Twitter use to fighting media

The US president says his use of social media is necessary to counter “unfair” reporting.

The New York Times won two awards for predicting that the US economy would “never” recover after Trump’s election victory over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Trump gave an award each to the Times, Washington Post and Newsweek for claiming respectively that he had “removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office”; he had failed to draw enough people to fill a Florida stadium during a rally; and that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake his hand during a tour of Europe.

Touting Trump’s economic and political achievements, the article claimed that “90 percent” of media reports about Trump in his first year have been negative.

Shortly after making the awards public, Trump offered praise for a faction of the media in a tweet.

Trump delays made-up awards show

US President Donald Trump has delayed his made-up “fake news” awards show as top late night TV figures race to push for winning the award.

“Despite some very corrupt and dishonest media coverage, there are many great reporters I respect and lots of GOOD NEWS for the American people to be proud of!” he wrote.

Shortly before the announcement prominent GOP Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake blasted Trump’s treatment of the press and urged him to end his war on media.

“An American president who cannot take criticism, who must constantly deflect and distort and distract, who must find someone else to blame, is charting a very dangerous path,” Flake said.

“It is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by [Soviet revolutionary leader] Josef Stalin to describe his enemies,” he added.

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