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Hezbollah Congratulates Palestinians for UNESCO Seat, Slams US Veto of ‘Racism’

Hezbollah has congratulated the Palestinians on winning UNESCO membership, slamming the United States as “racist” over its decision to vote against the move.

“Hezbollah congratulates the Palestinian people on gaining full UNESCO membership, which is their natural right,” the Islamic Resistance statement read.

“The United States’ decision to vote against this natural right… reflects its historic policy of racism… as well as its support for and identification with the israeli enemy.”

Palestinian membership in the U.N.’s cultural arm, which comes as they seek to become a full United Nations member state, was approved Monday in Paris despite strong opposition from the United States and zionist israel.

Angry U.S. officials said Washington was withdrawing its share of UNESCO funding, which amounts to almost a quarter of the cultural body’s overall budget and warned of a “cascade” effect should other U.N. bodies follow suit.

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