Iran launches ballistic missiles from underground base

On Wednesday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the launching of ballistic missiles from underground bases towards imaginary naval targets in the Gulf waters on the second day of the final stage of the Great Messenger’s maneuvers.

The last stage of the Great Messenger maneuver also showcased the Revolutionary Guards using its Su-22 jets to destroy targets at the Faror Island in the Persian Gulf.

Iran also demonstrated its new drones in an attack on the enemy’s hypothetical targets and the destruction of the predefined locations.

For his part, the Assistant Commander of the Revolutionary Guards and the spokesman for the exercises, Brigadier General Abbas Nilfroshan, said in a statement with the Fars News Agency that “the conduct of these joint large maneuvers comes within the framework of maintaining and raising the level of combat readiness.”

He added: “Another goal of this massive maneuver is to ensure air and maritime transport lines and the continuation of ready support, and to train cadres in various scenarios, in addition to flexible and rapid planning, in addition to the two-way war game.”

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