Iran: Resistance only way to peace in region

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Friday said restoration of sustainable and fair peace in the Middle East will be materialized only through resistance and end of occupation.

In a statement issued on Friday, the ministry strongly condemned criminal atrocities of the Zionist regime as well as the unconditional US support for the criminal regime.

The statement referred to the ‘Land Day’ as a turning point in the history and also in the culture of Palestinian resistance and said it played prominent role in revitalization of the resistance against Zionist’s occupation.

Blood of innocent people has been shed and now Land Day is an inseparable part of political life of oppressed Palestinian nation in its struggles against violence, racial discrimination, land confiscation, plundering of villages which made Palestinians a ‘refugee nation’, it said.

The decisions of the US president in the course of the last one year including recognizing Baitul Muqaddas as capital of the Zionist regime and transfer of the US embassy to the city as well as recognizing Golan Heights as part of the territory of the fabricated and illegitimate Zionist regime resulting to the plan named ‘Deal of the Century’ proved the reality that resistance of Palestinians against the Zionist regime was on the right track.

The ‘Land Day’ is a symbol of efforts to revive resistance in the region, the statement read.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that restoration of a just peace in the region should be continued till termination of occupation of Palestine, return of Palestinian refugees to their mother land, staging a referendum with participation of true citizens of the land leading to formation of a unified Palestinian state with Baitul Muqaddas as its capital.

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