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Necessity of Islamic solidarity against Islamophobia by extremist Islamic and non-Islamic groups


Doctor Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari, head of the University of Islamic Denominations, in a note has denounced the massacre of Myanmar oppressed nation and anti-humanity crimes stressing the unity of Muslim world to confront Islamophobic moves by extremist Islamic and non-Islamic groups across the globe and also necessity of knowing the enemies in line with confrontation with heinous objectives of the arrogant powers.

The note is as follows:

Tragedy of brutal killing of oppressed Myanmar Muslims by a group of prejudiced Buddhists, which has happened at the greed light of Myanmar government and support of arrogant powers, particularly the US, is so horrible that has hurt the heart of all liberal nations thought his massacre and clear ethnic cleansing of Muslims by extremist Buddhists, who have breached the very basic principles of humanity, has in fact revealed the vain identity of human rights claimants for the world.

Dual standards of the west in confrontation with genocide, apartheid and extremism

Clearly the silence of mainstream media to reveal the crimes against oppressed people, burning of Rohingya Muslims’ homes, raping of their women and killing their children, crucification of the Muslim men and burning them alive and violation of the basic rights of greatest majority of their citizenship rights have once again unveiled the western dual standards in confrontation with genocide, extremism and terrorism.

Shameful dual standards of the west in confrontation with massacre of Myanmar Muslims

It is shameful that killing of an animal is denounced by western media propaganda while their governments and media are in dead silence over clear ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims; hence, the behavior of western media in reaction to massacre of Myanmar Muslims and the hypocritical interaction of the west with human rights proves that the convergence of the west with extremism in the form of Buddhism can be find in line with major strategies of the west for spread of Islamophobi and annihilation of Islam.

It is also noteworthy to mention the other estimates on energy resources in Myanmar, intensification of western countries indifference towards the issues in this country and also serious avoidance of western Zionist media to project the extremism of non-Muslims, when the same media have shouted out the extremist behaviors of some Muslims.

Convergence of humanism in Buddhism with western humanism led to violence in the form of Islamophobia

It is also noteworthy that while Buddhism includes teachings like “The Five Percepts” (ethical principles of Buddhism) which bans Buddhists from killing any live creature, influence of satanic powers, particularly the US in Southeast Asia and also convergence of humanism in Buddhism and western humanism has eventually led to radicalism and violence in the form of Islamophobia and Muslim killings in Buddhist countries like Myanmar.

In detailing this point, it should be noted that the footprints of Buddhism in western arts, particularly Hollywood cinema and other western digital products is quite clear and that is a proof for western plans in confrontation with tendencies towards Islam and substitution of secular humanist mysticism like Buddhism with those of Islam.

On the other hand nihilism which is the key feature of humanism will eventually lead to indefinite violence; therefore, the silence of pro-Islamophobia countries, their inaction against massacre of Myanmar Muslims added by their undeniable cultural resemblance with that of Buddhist countries like Thailand, their common endeavors to spread corruption and immorality and eventually the appalling  meeting of common ideological origins  between western and Buddhist humanism is quite noteworthy.

Necessity of denouncing perpetrators of Myanmar Muslims’ holocaust by all countries, particularly Muslim states

With all notes aforesaid, the necessity of denouncing perpetrators behind massacre of Myanmar Muslims by all countries especially Muslim governments is quite clear. Also the necessity of all-out support for Myanmar Muslims for avoiding a major human catastrophe is clear especially when we know that Islamophobia is threatening all other countries in the region.

Building Buddhist extremism on agenda of satanic powers

As a conclusion it should be noted that humiliating failure of Takfiri (excommunication) terrorists in Iraq and Syria has led to growing incapability of arrogant powers though there is no end to intrigues by pro-terrorist supporters and it has included creation of a crisis by Buddhist Daeshis as its latest step to complete its Islamophobic puzzle and build Buddhist extremism, no less than Daesh crimes, on the agenda of the satanic powers.

Hence, we should stress necessity of Islamic solidarity in line with confrontation with Islamophobic ripples by Islamic and non-Islamic extremist groups across the globe, particularly those in Myanmar and call for knowing the enemies in an attempt for endless confrontation with heinous objectives of arrogant powers, especially by the US and Zionist regime in the Southeast Asia. Once this objective is achieved we can take steps to realize the rights of Myanmar Muslims and avoid plans by satanic powers to create crisis for Muslim world.

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