Palestinians flock into Nablus to celebrate victory

images_News_2014_08_30_nablus_300_0A robust pro-Resistance rally spontaneously flared up on Friday across the West Bank city of Nablus, where thousands of jovial Palestinians took to the streets blaring out Hamas victory in the legendary battle of al-Asf al-Maakoul.

In a telephone address from Gaza, political bureau member of Hamas, Dr. Khalil al-Hayya, hailed West Bankers and voiced gratitude over their genuine solidarity with Hamas.

“Victory is not for Hamas alone; it is for all the Palestinians and for all the Arabs,” he declared.

In al-Hayya’s terms, the Palestinian resistance is re-writing history by shifting the balance of power and boosting up Palestinians’ keenness to restore their inalienable rights and restore their holy sites.

The Israeli army, which has long been booming out its war “ethics”, has turned out to be nothing more than a butt of moral turpitude, mass-murdering children and civilians as cold-bloodedly as ice rimes poured on a cold winter, he charged.

According to al-Hayya the Gaza battle has marked a new stage in history by making Palestinians’ belief that “We have no other option than resistance” all the more deeply-entrenched, and by crushing the clichéd myth of the invincible Israeli army.

“The weapon is in our hands. We own our will. Al-Aqsa is part of our souls. Therefore, we will go forward God willing, along the road of triumph and liberation,” he said as he drew attention to the excruciating years and perhaps even epochs of Israeli sadism Palestinians have survived.

Palestinians have the right, all the right to fight back the enemy by all means available, he stated, vowing Hamas disarmament will forever remain impossible, perhaps as impossible as to raise the dead.

Thousands joined the mass rally that kicked off from al-Haj Namer al-Nabulsi mosque down to the celebration square at the eastern garages complex. Marchers chanted pro-Hamas slogans and performed flash mobs mimicking an al-Qassam resistance operation and bombing a small mock-tank.

Parents of Yahya-Ayyash, chief Hamas bomb-maker assassinated in December 1995, along with scores of Hamas-leaders and allies attended the rally.

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