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Pipeline Allowing Iranian Oil Export from Makran Coast Inaugurated

The outgoing president of Iran on Thursday inaugurated a 1000-km oil pipeline that allows for the export of crude from the port of Jask on the Oman Sea coast, calling it the most important project carried out during his two terms over the past eight years.

After inaugurating the Goureh-Jask pipeline via videoconference, President Hassan Rouhani hailed the start of oil exports from the Makran coast as the most important and strategic project that has come on stream after he took office in 2013.

He lauded the large-scale national project as a decisive response to the US, the conspirators, and all those speculating about unsustainability of Iran’s future.

The export of oil and banking transactions are two main areas of the economic war that the enemy has launched against Iran, Rouhani noted, saying the US was mistaken to think that it can disrupt Iran’s oil industry, impede its crude exports, and hamper its financial transactions.

The pipeline starts at Goureh oil terminal in the southwestern province of Bushehr (on the Persian Gulf coast) and runs to the Jask port terminal in southeast Iran (on the Sea of Oman coast).

Iran began work on Jask oil terminal and the 1000-kilometer pipeline system in late June 2020.

The $2-billion project enables the country to deliver oil for exports outside the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway through which nearly a third of the global seaborne oil trade is accommodated.

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