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Sheikh Kassem: Indictment, US scheme not related tevealing truth

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem considered that the indictment is namely a US scheme and has no relation with revealing the truth and the identity of the criminals.

In a meeting with a delegation from the Jabal Amel Scholars’ Gathering headed by Sheikh Youssef Daamoush, Sheikh Qassem said that some sides ignore the fact that the “Israeli” occupation and its schemes are the central problem in Lebanon and the region.

Sheikh Qassem added that what everyone is facing in their political and economic situations, in addition to the incitements, threats, and instability, are caused by the US, which is aiming at making all the Zionist crimes possible and more facilitated.

Deputy Hizbullah Secretary General said, “We are not afraid of their schemes, but we warn for what’s best for Lebanon’s interest, and call for reason, for our lives are together in one country, thus we should organize our status so we or some of us won’t be under the service of others’ schemes”.

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