The Line in the Sand: Great Satan US Bolsters Israel to Attack Gaza

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There is a reason why the Obama Administration is desperate to appease Tel Aviv.

Backed by the Republicans in Congress, the Prime Murderer of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is lashing the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers. The only way to shut him up is to help Israel invade Gaza – again.

For both Israel and Saudi Arabia, the objections to the historic deal center around fear of an inevitable shift in the status quo in the Middle East. It’s about strategic rivalry with Iran. Politicians in Israel, Saudi Arabia AND Congress have all made a career for decades on fear-mongering Iran. Now the prospect of a possible “rapprochement” between Iran and the major powers makes them seem obsolete.

But this time the fear-mongers have few options to really foil the deal, so the alternative is war. It was out of desperation that the Saudis invaded Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. It’s the same level of desperation that might also force the Israelis to invade Gaza.

To this end, President Barack Obama has offered Israel even more military aid as a consolation prize for the Iran deal. Human rights campaigners have been quick to bash his decision, saying US funding will bolster Israel and its atrocities against Palestinians.

They oppose the role of the US in arming, financing, and politically backing Israeli occupation, colonization and war crimes – from Syria to Lebanon to Palestine. Within this context, the international call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions urges an immediate end to such payments.

It would be an understatement to say internal power politics are not at play in Israel. The more likely state of affairs is that Netanyahu’s team is desperately reassessing its strategies to stay in power, taking into account all the events in the region and preparing the next move on the Middle East chessboard.

With the future of the usurper regime in question, Netanyahu seems prepared to draw his proverbial line in the sand along the Gaza shores. Lest we forget, his foreign minister, Avidgor Lieberman, said just recently that “a fourth operation in the Gaza Strip is inevitable, just as a third Lebanon war is inevitable.”

Lieberman’s unsettling prophecy appears increasingly likely to come true. Indeed, odds are that the months of relative “quiet” that followed last year’s war will prove nothing more than an interregnum between Israel’s ever more criminal military escalations and sadistic strategy…

As it stands, the United Nations has issued a report predicting that the Gaza Strip would be uninhabitable by 2020. If Israel decides to attack the besieged city, this will be sooner than expected. It’s all the reason why Israel should never be allowed to invade Gaza again.

There hardly seem words to describe the horror of what the people there are going through. The outrage among world public opinion is palpable. There have been protests across the globe but that’s not enough. Gaza needs more than just condemnation and wringing hands at the terrible devastation.

The real story of this human tragedy is the criminal complicity of the major powers. The US government might express a modicum of disagreement with Israel, but still it acts in every way to ensure that Israel is able to carry out attacks.

If Obama wants to stop the misery in Gaza, he should stop signing the cheques that ensure Israel can arm itself to carry out attacks on the Palestinians. It’s tragic that the Noble Peace Prize winner is doing the opposite.

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