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Video- Thousands of protesters converge in Oakland

Thousands of protesters converged early in the morning at Frank Ogawa plaza with an agenda including several shut down actions throughout the day.

They received an early victory when union workers walked off the job at the Port of Oakland. It was one of the demonstrators’ objectives. The crowd cheered after the announcement was made.

The crowd has grown considerably. People united when the International Longshoreman and the Workers Union closed down the Port of Oakland, the US’ fifth largest port. Other establishment shut downs weren’t as peaceful however.

This local fast food restaurant was closed after protesters stormed inside and a patron threw ice on one of the demonstrators.

And later, witnesses say an angry protester smashed out the windows of this Wells Fargo bank with a hammer. As angrily scrawled messages were spray painted on the building.

The central part of the Occupy Oakland looks like many other Occupy cities with tents huddled together in a concentrated area. People find time to pray and make signs. The stage hosted several speakers including renowned civil rights activist and former Black Panther Party participant Angela Davis.

This is the largest gathering that Oakland has had since Occupiers started gathering two weeks ago.

The police have so far had a hands off approach, since Iraq Veteran Scott Olsen was hospitalized after being hit with a tear gas canister here last week. But if destructive incidents like these continue. It’s expected the tensions will increase.

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