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US encirclement of Russia setting stage for nuclear war: Analyst


Political activist Don DeBar believes “the stakes are extremely” high for a nuclear war between Washington and Moscow due to US policy of military encirclement of Russia.

“The United States has been advancing towards Russia physically in terms of placement of military resources, they are now parked at the borders of Russia from the Baltics up in the Baltic Sea in the very northwest corner of Russia down to the middle of Ukraine at this point in the southwest part of Russia,” he told Press TV on Saturday.

“The United States has been committing some very hostile acts towards Russia, attempting to tank its currency, attempting to isolate it economically in general, and Russia has, in turn, been looking elsewhere to find partners for the development that it seeks for its own population,” the activist added.

These hostile moves, DeBar said, have come at the same time that the Obama administration is pursuing its “pivot” to Asia which is aimed at containing China and giving rise to Japan as a military power.

DeBar made the comments after American philosopher Noam Chomsky said that the escalating tensions between the United States and Russia could spark a nuclear war.

“China has risen as an economic power. Russia has come back as an economic power, [it]maintains its nuclear weaponry and has been upgrading its military,” DeBar said.

“As tensions rise, as the law of unintended consequences has greater and greater play and as Chomsky cited the low-risk individual incidents of accidental war-peace planning, as you keep rolling the dice, sooner or later you’ll get ‘7’ or ‘11’ and that’s the end of humanity,” the analyst noted.

“The stakes are extremely high. The ironic part is that President Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his presidency because he had spoken to the need to eliminate nuclear weapons and he is now spending what’s going to end up being a trillion dollars over the next 30 years, but hundreds of billions of dollars in the near term to upgrade and expand the power of the American nuclear arsenal,” DeBar explained.

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