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‘US must stop doing biddings of Israel in Syria’


Ken O’Keefe, a former US marine from the city of London, has joined Press TV’s Debate program to further elaborate on the role of the United States and its Western and regional allies in Syria’s war on terror.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Well, let me come to you Ken O’Keefe on Lee Kaplan’s (other guest of the show from Berkley) statement there, how he said that you have democracies like Western democracies that are backing this so-called Friends of Syria group.

What is your take on that? I mean here we have all these countries that, in particular, do not have democracies, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia in particular.

O’Keefe: Well, thankfully we are reaching a point in human history where the only people who believe the sort of nonsense that would portray America and its allies as wishing for freedom, justice, democracy and all of these notions, in the rest of the world is remarkably nonexistent.

Nobody with half a brain believes for a second that the United States cares about the Syrian people, nor democracy, nor any form of justice. The proof of that, of course, is in the million to two millions dead in Iraq, millions of orphans , millions of refugees; Afghanistan likewise, decimated; a country in tatters. We also can look at Libya and how our humanitarian interventions have benefitted that country there and anyone who thinks that the United States or its allies have any moral standing in the world and, actually, wish what is best for the people of Syria, again, are either seriously ignorant and stupid or heavily compromised.

So, the truth of the matter is of course that the real reason why we are in Syria and largely in that region, is to carry out wars for the state of Israel. The Jewish state of Israel has a long-term agenda of the Greater Israel Project and to destabilize the surrounding nations and making sure that there is no form of representative Arab nationalist unity in which a strong leadership that represents the true interest of the people can emerge and that the people themselves can enjoy some form of dignity and liberty in their lives.

It is the West that has created the hotbed of Takfiri fake Islam that allows these psychopaths to be armed by our governments and our allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia among them, and these psychopaths, of course, are not completely predictable. They will do a lot of what we like but let’s make no mistake about it; these people are nothing more than Frankensteins that we have created and it will come back to the West and this is … , one very last point I need to make in this regard, is that, that is actually part of what the Western agenda wants.

When these psychopaths return to the West, we will then use their violent actions back in London or in America or other parts of Europe to justify even further draconian laws, so that our governments can become even more tyrannical and the concentration of power can become even tighter.

So they are predicting … , they know this is going to happen and those of us who have any kind of intelligence whatsoever can see this as it is happening.

Press TV: Ken O’Keefe, your response to what Lee Kaplan said?

O’Keefe: Well, I would like to thank Lee Kaplan for providing yet another example of how people can be so completely and totally ignorant or totally bought and paid for. I have already got into a private, sort of, banter between this man and myself in the past, I am not going to do it again.

The fact is that I am a human being who wishes his best for all people on this planet and it is not a black and white scenario where you either support Bashar al-Assad or you support the so-called rebels; this is a black and white version … , it is very similar to the Republic and Democrat, Liberal left, Right paradigms; these are false paradigms created to try to trap us … , into a certain paradigm, a certain perspective, and I do not buy into that, I am not going to feed into it.

The fact is that the real crime, the ultimate crime is the crime of aggression, the international crime of aggression; those that initiate violence based on false pretexts and lies and carry out state-sponsored terrorism in the form of war are the greatest criminals of all and by that definition, which is the only sensible definition of international crimes, ultimately my birth nation, the United States, and its compatriots in England and in Israel are the biggest purveyors of violence on the planet.

I am not mistaken at all in my facts, the only person that would buy into the sort of rubbish that this gentleman is speaking of, are the kind of people that, again, are bought and paid for, are completely and totally brain-dead.

So, the fact is that Syria is nothing more than a global chessboard agenda, and in that agenda there is a goal of destabilizing these nations surrounding Israel. Once they are destabilized, it is possible to go in whether it is a year from now, five years from now and get your puppets in place to be able to extract the resources, or to be able to put in permanent military bases and ultimately to have continuing and ongoing complete control over this region which of course has profound utility for the purposes of the empire specifically with the energy reserves and again with permanent military bases that will continue the policy of full spectrum dominance.

There is no confusion here, those of us who care about this world and actually want to see it move for the better, are recognizing the obvious history of our birth nations in the West and what they have done.

We are the biggest criminals of all and it is us in the West who need to take care of our governments because ultimately we are complicit with their crimes and these crimes can hardly be measured, they are that hideous and they are that consistent.

Press TV: Well, Ken O’Keefe, I would like to get your reaction to what Saudi Arabia has done and Prince Bandar has come out and said that he is going to end its cooperation over the Syria war with the United States and I assume with the rest of the countries, 11 countries that are supposed to support the Friends of Syria group.

Does this mean … , do you think that Saudi Arabia is going to take the ball in their hands and just go with it? We are getting several reports indicating that they have done so, actually, in Syria by forming 50 brigades and having a head running these brigades.

What is your interpretation of this piece of news?

O’Keefe: I am reading these same reports and what is absolutely clear is, historically we know that every empire that has ever existed has reached a peak and eventually it falls. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the American empire peaked probably right in the aftermath of 9/11, the ultimate false flag operation, and since that time it has carried out the agenda that it always wished to carry out in the new Pearl Harbor fashion, it found its excuse to carry out unjustified wars that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity and now in the aftermath, in the wake of all of the horror, pain, suffering, death that has resulted in the policy of full spectrum dominance, we see now that the people of America and the world are finally realizing what they should have realized some time ago and that is that the American agenda has nothing to do, whatsoever, with any sort of justice and the empire is falling apart.

It is not much longer before we will see that the US dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world, thank god other nations of the world are building their relationships with other nations, developing their trading outside of the US dollar and eventually when the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency which is only a matter of time, all of the power and the corruption and the tyranny that has stemmed from the petrodollar system will be no more and in that case what is going to happen to the American people is that they are going to enjoy what it is like to be a third world nation and this is why the American people need to realize that your sons and daughters are more valuable than what Israel intends to do with them.

You do not need to fight any more wars for Israel, you do not need a foreign state dictating to your government, which swore to uphold the US constitution, what policy should be carried out especially wars for Israel and the American people are going to suffer more than anyone else in the end if they do not get their house in order.

The fact is that the United States of America sadly and shamelessly has been running roughshod over the world and when we talk about terrorism, it is beyond ridiculous to talk about America fighting a war on terror.

The American nation has been responsible for state-sponsored terrorism that has resulted in the death of probably two to four million in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; countless people in Korea, countless people through proxy wars in Central and South America, two million perhaps, in Iraq; I do not know how many thousands and thousands in Afghanistan, proxy wars in Pakistan, Yemen. We have fought wars all over the world, nobody has exterminated the lives and created more suffering than the United States of America and this is the truth and at some point the American people are going to have to face up to this truth because it does the American people no good whatsoever to continue to bury their heads in the sand.

Press TV: Ken O’Keefe, let us move on here, President Assad, in a recent interview, raised a few questions, I would like to get your answers to these questions if you can. He said: which forces are taking part, regarding the Geneva II; he said what relation do these forces have with the Syrian people? Do these forces represent the Syrian people or do they represent the states that invented them?

O’Keefe: Well, there is absolutely no question. Once again there is simply no moral standing for these people that are negotiating for a so-called settlement in Syria. Let us get, for instance, to the point about Bashar al-Assad agreeing to dismantle the chemical weapons program which by comparison to Israel or the United States, it is so minuscule, it is hardly to be considered even relevant.

The United States of America has stockpiled the biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, as does Israel. Why are not Israel and the United States disarming and dismantling these stockpiles of weapons?

Syria for all the crimes it is accused of committing, is not even in the same league as Israel or the United States in terms of using weapons of mass destruction, even if you were to blame every single death in the Syrian conflict on Bashar al-Assad, which is completely ridiculous, but even if we were, it would not even come close to the amount of people who have been slaughtered and the lives that have been destroyed by both the United States and Israel and their British partner, who helps legitimize every war crime they commit.

The fact is that Syria teaches us one lesson, that is extremely important and this is a very, very critical point for people to understand. The propaganda has been incessant, it has been nonstop and it has been telling the people of the world, over and over and over again, about the new Hitler, Bashar al-Assad, and it has been doing everything in its power to manipulate the people into yet another war and you know all it took, all it took to stop the British parliament for voting for another bombing campaign and even preventing the US Congress, which is the most sycophantic, disgraceful, traitorous body of government on the planet, they were not even allowed to vote on this subject of bombing Syria because you know what? The people simply do not buy it anymore and that is the power that we have as people.

No longer do we need to allow these corrupt governments to carry out policies of unending wars. We do not even need to protest it, we simply need to see the truth for what it is and not give our consent and if these … and if these traitors want to try to carryout policies that they are carrying out with 90 percent disapproval ratings, let them do it because it will be the end of them forever.

The time has come for the United States and the other Western governments to have representative governments that actually represent the will of the people and the people around the world do not want war. They do not believe that bombing other nations is going to make the world a better place.

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