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Video-Interview-‘US elite spur working class infighting’

A commentator observes that US banking elites employ the police against the Occupy movement to prompt the working class to fight amongst each other.

Press TV has interviewed Charlie Veitch, founder of ‘Love Police’ in Paris, discussing the conditioning of the minds of the American public over time that have led to apathy and obedience and how the elite one percent are capitalizing on this conditioned mentality. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: The UN has now condemned the US for its brutal crackdown on Occupy demonstrators. Were you surprised at that condemnation and what does it mean, if anything?

Charlie Veitch: The UN seems to be a very confused international group that has overseen many atrocities – we had the Dutch troops standing aside with the people being slaughtered in Rwanda.

Generally I welcome the UN basically pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of David Cameron, Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton screaming out for freedom of the press; screaming out for freedom of assembly for Egypt and Syria – and then as soon as people try and do it in America and London they get brutally beaten down by the police.

I’ve seen an 84 year old woman get pepper sprayed in the face. I saw a 23 year old Iraq war veteran a US marine get shot point blank in his face with a rubber bullet. So, generally I welcome this UN resolution, but in terms of my message to the Occupy people right now I hope that we do not have any martyrs – any people who end up dying as a result of this brutality.

As many banners on the television have shown, it’s a sad state of affairs when the NYPD and the LAPD cars, they say on the side ‘To protect and to serve’, when we know that they are serving Goldman Sachs and the one percent as the protesters have all figured out. I’m very interested to see how this plays out.

Press TV: The people know that there is something fundamentally wrong, but they don’t have the sophistication to know basically exactly what has happened and how they got where they are – Do you see this movement developing in the education the people of the reality on the ground and then giving this movement some kind of direction of where they need to go?

Charlie Veitch: Yes I do see it developing. The Occupy movement is a festering sore upon the financial services world. In terms of the sophistication of the public, most people at this very moment don’t have any direct knowledge in terms of the exact ins and outs, but they have a very strong feeling that something is very wrong, so I do see it spreading. It’s Wall Street. And London – London is probably the epicenter of the financial beast. This is where Goldman Sachs does most of its operations from.

As people have said throughout history – the rich can always pay half the poor to kill the other half of the poor. And what we’re seeing with the LAPD, the NYPD and to a certain extent the metropolitan police in London is a bunch of working class men and women beating up and brutalizing other working class people who happen to have a social conscience.

When we break this down basically we’re seeing truncheons, tear gas and rubber bullets being used against people who want a fairer world. We are seeing history repeat itself.

And I hate to bring up the state of israel, but israel is a very good example of a country that did not let people go who were only obeying orders in WWII. It was a big defense during the Nuremberg Trial to say “I was only obeying orders”. And all these police chiefs and all these finance people and all these army generals, they all need to think very carefully if a revolution does happen internationally, will we come after them? I hope all the viewers stand up right now and say we will not be victims of people ever again in history only obeying orders.

Press TV: Analysts of the Occupy movement say people lack the information. Do you see a role in the media in not breaking down different types of legislation that has helped lead to this situation right now? Do you think the media could have played a better role in educating the people?

Charlie Veitch: Absolutely, but we have to understand that in the western world, much like in the ex-Soviet Union, the role of the media is not to educate the public. The role of the media is to create culture and to also put forward the psychological wish of the ruling class.

In America, if you look at the last 20 years, it’s gone from 50 mega-corporations down to about 5 or 6 mega-corporations and these corporations also control the media. And they’re massive shareholders and they’re friends with Michael Bloomberg in New York who very recently got caught by journalists calling the NYPD ‘his personal army’ to smash up the protesters.

I’m afraid free market capitalism has created a Frankenstein’s monster. Yes, we’ve had massive population growth; yes we’ve said let’s say 50 years of quite good economic conditions where people can have 2.5 kids and three cars and live in these big 2,000 square foot houses; but they’ve also created this monster of this very docile obedient public, which has been conditioned by the public school system.

The elites and their children have a very different education because they’re trained to be leaders. Much like Osborne and David Cameron in Britain – in America, the elites are trained to be the future leaders and everyone else goes to the public school system to be trained to be obedient workers.

Part of the problem as stated earlier is that the people don’t have the sophistication and you are bombarded all day by media – and the average American and British person watches over five hours of television per day and they’re Sex in the City and all these shows where this upper middle class bourgeois upwardly mobile life style is portrayed as well as advertising, which is for a new Chanel perfume or Porsche car and the latest big house in the everglades and so everyone wants to be rich.

And this is part of the reason why in Britain and America and in Western Europe the public, instead of people going out on the streets and having this massive revolution when they see a CEO of a company earning 20 million dollars a year, they secretly aspire – they go – Well, I’ve been conditioned to want to be rich as well, instead of wanting to redistribute wealth because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking this is a dangerous communist idea. They say secretly. Well, the guy’s earning 20 million dollars a year may be my child will become a millionaire; may be my child can become a Michael Bloomberg – but it’s not true.

I’m not a conspiracy nut, but it’s very obvious that in America and Britain there is a club and unfortunately we’re not in it.

Press TV: We know what has taken place in the Middle East and in Africa so far this year and people rising up against authoritarian regimes. There was a consciousness by the people that they were being oppressed and abused. But would you say that because of the money involved and the aspirations toward being a capitalist and the symbols of success that in many ways it will take even longer for people, for example, in the US to rise up because first of all they have to rise to a level of consciousness to even understand that they’re being oppressed?

Charlie Veitch: Absolutely and it’s a very very big struggle. What we have in the West that doesn’t quite apply to countries say in North Africa or the Middle East or South America is that we’ve kind of had our soul ripped out of us by the absolute decimation of everything spiritual; by the decimation of the ideals of family.

One thing we don’t see in the Islamic world are nursing homes – in the Islamic world we see people that actually take care of their elderly people and they don’t let them rot away in a nursing home looked after by complete strangers. In the West it’s normal, you know, there are financial problems, he’s wetting the bed, but instead of looking after him like a good son; instead of loving him, you send your dad into a nursing home. So, the problem does run through the entire spiritual stratosphere of society and it’s going to get unfortunately a lot worse.

It seems that American people will be pushed and pushed and pushed until they’re out on the street starving before they actually do something.

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