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Video- Occupy DC protest prepares for the worst

Although dozens of people have been arrested, the Occupy movement in Washington DC has so far been non-violent. But protesters here are paying close attention to occupations across the country where violent clashes are breaking out with police. For example, this weekend 20 people were arrested at Occupy Denver. Police fired pepper spray and pepper balls. In Portland, Oregon about 30 demonstrators were arrested. and closer to home, arrests in Richmond VA. Pietro came from Occupy Maine a week ago.

Pietro is on Occupy DC’s medical team at McPherson Square. He says the team is preparing for any violence or clashes with police. .

Occupiers say police arrests only make the Occupy movement stronger.

Before considering Occupation, protesters say they tried other avenues: elections, lobbying, petitioning, email and telephone campaigns, but all were ineffective.

Now demonstrators say they are willing to be arrested if it leads to America becoming a more equitable country. Here at Freedom Plaza, OccupyWashingtonDC is holding teach-in’s on crisis issues facing America. Today’s topic mass incarceration . 1 out of every 4 of the
world’s prisoners is in an American jail.

Kevin Zeese heads an organization called “Come Home America” and is also an organizer of OccupyWashingtonDC. He says occupying public space is the beginning of an American revolt.

Zeese says protesters are occupying because Americans have been kept out of the political process for too long. He warns the occupations are in an early stage, and an indicator of much more to come.

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