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Will Trump speed up the total destruction of USA and Israel?

Will Trump speed up the destruction of USA and Israel?

There is a Turkish proverb as “The dog which is soon to death of time pees on the mosque wall.” When USA has realized that all of their plots in the Middle East are failed by the Resistance, the Great Satan bring forward the total destruction of Zionist Empire across the world by starting to act like a mad dog. It is clear that the Zionist Empire has failed to bring Resistance to its knees by using all kinds of terrorism including ISIL, Nusra, FSA, Al Qaeda, Ahrar Sham, Fath Al Sham, etc. Thus, it is perfectly understood that the Zionist Empire will take the stage against Resistance openly in soon. What kind of result do the Zionists wait from their soldiers of fortune who are for working hours?

Let’s read the answer from Surah Al- Mujadila 19: “…Those are the party of Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers.”

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