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US-Backed SDF Recruits Over 100 Children of ISIL Terrorists

The US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia in collaboration with the American forces have recruited more than 100 ISIL children aged 12-14 to be used as child soldiers in Hasaka.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency reported on Tuesday that the children, who are orphans, have been transferred from al-Haul camp in Southeastern Hasaka to Tal Aswad camp in the town of al-Malekiyeh in Northeastern Hasaka which hosts nearly 1,800 women and children.

The relief workers in the region have voiced concern that the children would be trained and used by the Kurdish militants as soldiers in war conditions.

Local sources in Hasaka have also confirmed the report.

Relevant reports also said in March that the ISIL terrorist group had restarted training children for war and suicide operations in a region protected by the US and its allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir Ezzur in Southeastern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news website quoted sources affiliated to the Syrian government’s armed opposition as saying that the ISIL had again set up a military base to train what it calls ‘The Caliphate’s Lion Cubs’ in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near the border with Iraq.

Numerous reports said in recent months that the ISIL is recruiting again in Syria with the US help to attack the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzur and destabilize the country.

Al-Manar said the child militias training center has been set up under the supervision of the former commander of ISIL bases in Raqqa, Abu Mohammed al-Fransi, adding that a large number of Syrian and foreign children had been recruited in there.

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