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‘zionist Saudi Regime main sponsor of terror in Syria’


Press TV has talked with Zayd al-Isa, Middle East affairs specialist from the city of London, to shed more light on the Saudi regime’s role in sponsoring the Salafi and Wahhabi terrorists in Syria.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Isa first of all where is the future of militancy in Syria headed for?

Isa: Well, I mean there is actually no future for it because what they are doing now is that there are fierce clashes which have been going on and on between those militant groups.

Those militant groups are actually inseparable, there is no clear (border) between them; they keep swapping sides, changing allegiances and relabeling themselves and they are simply fighting for resources, for territory and financing, which is coming from the Saudi regime, which has become, the main financer and it has actually set up the arming, funding, logistical support and, actually, paying salaries. That is after the major disappointment when it pushed so hard and its strategic policy has been to press the United States, to press the Americans to, actually, intervene in a military fashion and when that spectacularly failed, they have set up their arming and funding to different groups in Syria and those groups are fighting amongst themselves to prove the other ones that they have the upper hand and they are, actually, the most powerful on the ground. They are all al-Qaeda-linked groups, fighting among each other.

Jibhat al-Nusrah, which is fighting now against al-Qaeda in Iraq, is simply part and parcel of…

Press TV: Now that the Geneva II talks have failed what lies ahead for Syria? I mean will the military option be reconsidered again?

Isa: Well, It seems that Saudi Arabia has never been given up on the military option. We must not forget that the first time Saudi Arabia offered, and that is according to Kerry, to, actually, bankroll all the military initiative and to take part, a major part, in launching the airstrikes against Syria.

They do not want the Syrian regime simply to be punished but they want and they have been pushing very hard because that is part and parcel of their major strategy in the area, to topple the Syrian regime…, and they are ready to pay and to pay more to the various militant groups, which we have to remember they are all Wahhabi and Salafi groups, they all adhere to the Wahhabi and Salafi ideology, which is exported, propagated by the Saudi regime and these all have been confirmed by the New York Times, by the Washington Post; that Saudi Arabia has overtaken Qatar and it is now the main financier of all these groups and it has been pushing hard, stepping up its financing particularly after it failed to push for the military option.

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